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Depuy Hip Replacement Helpline, Kansas Depuy Hip Replacement Lawyers

Depuy Hip Replacement lawyers and the DePuy Hip Replacement Helpline are ready to help you if you have been injured by a faulty DePuy Hip Replacement Implant in Lawrence, Manhatten, Topeka, Wichita and all of Kansas

The Depuy Hip Replacement Helpline Arkansas and DePuy Hip Replacement Lawyers  are receiving calls daily from victims of the failed DePuy in Kansas. Call the DePuy Hip Replacement  Helpline and speak to  a  Medical Social Worker familiar with the complications, litigation and rehabilitation of the DePuy. We listen to  terrible complications inflicted by the defective devices.  people who hoped for a better quality of life are now having trouble walking,and are  are in chronic pain due to the metal ball and joint socket grinding movement.There are reports of  metal poisoning since the device has a tendency to discharge hazardous amounts of metal fragments into surrounding blood and tissue. The company also reported to have 93, 000 hip replacements and in the U.S alone, they have recorded as many as 25, 000 Depuy hip revision surgeries. Our DePuy Hip Replacement lawyers can explain your rights and see if you qualify for a Depuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit.

The DePuy Hip Replacement Helpline

The DePuy Hip Replacement Helpline is empathetic to all victims of the  failed Depuy hip replacement. We speak to parents of children with failed Depuy's  as well as seniors. The Metal on metal hip replacements have shown problems with  Chromium and Cobalt blood  toxcity as the metal parts rub against each other.

Stryker Hip Implant Recall

Stryker Rejuvenate Modular-Neck Hip Stem Attorneys & Lawsuits

Modular-neck stems provide surgeons with an option to correct certain aspects of a patient’s anatomy and hip biomechanics. Stryker Orthopedics, maker of the Rejuvenate and ABG II modular-neck stems, voluntarily recalled their medical devices due to the risk of fretting and corrosion at the modular neck junction. The metal-on-metal hip components not only increase the risk of corrosion but subsequent tissue damage over time.

New Monitering  Bill Presented                                                                                                                                                                                                            Apparently these concerns have finally gotten to our officials in Washington. A monitoring bill has been presented to address these growing problems with artificial hips and other medical implants. Bipartisan legislation was introduced in the Senate on Wednesday that would force manufacturers to track the performance of such products after they were approved for sale.

The bill would allow the Food and Drug Administration to compel companies to track implants, such as replacement hips, that belong to a category of products that do not require human testing for approval.

The proposal is an effort to address longstanding complaints by patient advocates and others like the Institute of Medicine about a system known as the 510(k) process that the F.D.A. uses to clear the sale of certain implants like artificial joints. To sell a new product under that system, a producer need only show that it is “substantially similar” to a product already on the market.

Thousands of the all-metal hips that are now failing prematurely in patients were approved through the 510(k) system. The new proposal would not require added premarket testing of such implants but would broaden the F.D.A’s postapproval oversight by giving it the authority to mandate that companies collect data on device performance. The bill, if adopted, would also tighten federal scrutiny of product recalls.


In August 2010  there was a recall of the DePuy ASR XL Acetabular System total hip replacement and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System.  It became evident that DePuy Orthopaedics, a division of Johnson & Johnson, may have known about the complications  with theses devices as early as 2007. Tests  resulting in complications from an Australian study resulted in the company  pulling the devices off the market in Australia.


If your are experiencing any of the complications listed below see an Orthopedic surgeon experienced with the DePuy immediately. Many victims of the failed DePuy are calling the DePuy Hip Replacement Helpline Arkansas for a Depuy Hip Replacement lawyer.

 Victims of the failed Depuy are experiencing side effects:

  • Thigh pain
  • Pain upon walking
  • Pain when standing from a seated position
  • Unexplained hip pain
  • Metal products of the device coming off and showing in blood tests
  • Groin pain
  • change in positioning of the hip replacement device
  • Pain with weight bearing

Some new studies show that there is a gender relationship to the severity ot response to the filed hip replacements

A recent study has found a correlation between complications from failure of metal-on-metal hip replacements and the gender of the patient using the device. The study was conducted at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf in Germany and analyzed more than 200 patients who had experienced hip device failure.

The study found that female patients who experienced hip failure were less likely than male patients to also suffer a bone fracture or osteonecrosis, a condition in which the bone dies due to blood interruption. Female patients were, however, more likely to experience a condition in which particles infiltrate the bone marrow after device failure.

The study comes after metal-on-metal hip replacements such as the DePuy ASL hip implants were found to fail at a higher-than-expected rate. Failure from the implants have led to side effects such as broken bones and infected tissue, causing 13% of patients to undergo revision surgery within five years of receiving the implant.

The implants are failing due to loosening and misalignment of components. The metal-on-metal design of the implants that are misaligned causes metal in the implant to flake off and enter the bloodstream of the person with the implant.

Cobalt and Chromium Toxicity Alert

Metallosis is characteristic of metal-on-metal or metal-on-polyethylene implants. It can lead to aseptic fibrosis, local necrosis or even help to cause metallic corrosion and increase the chances of hip replacement failure.

Additional Complications Include:

  • Infection
  • Cement extrusion
  • Fracture
  • Immediate dislocation
  • Toxicity from tje metal components

 Complications that can occur years after surgery can include:

  • aseptic loosening
  • aggressive granulomatosis,
  • stress shielding
  • heterotopic ossification
  • luxation
  • bone fractures
  • and prosthetic fracture

What you need to do

  • If you are having complications see your Orthopedic surgeon immediately. Your health is first priority,
  • If you are not having complications and you have a Metal on Metal DePuy Hip Replacement get tested for chromium and cobalt levels in the bloodstream on a regular basis
  • Call the DePuy Hip Replacement Helpline for a lawyer. You must protect your rights, potential costly medical bills, pain and suffering and loss of  quality of life. You must send a message to the manufacturer.

DePuy Hip Replacement Helpline lawyers

Are filing lawsuits on Behalf of Arkansas Victims with the failed Depuy Hip Replacement devices. If you or a loved one is suffering do to a failed DePuy and needs additional revision surgeries contact the DePuy Hip Replacement Helpline lawyers for a case review for:

  •  Compensatory damages
  •  Medical Bills
  •  Pain and suffering
  •  Rehabilitation
  •  Loss of consortium
  •  Loss of quality of life
  •  Punitive damages

DePuy Hip Replacement Helpline attorneys are concerned about the effects of these hip replacements on the people of Arkansas. This has been deemed the most widespread failure of a medical, surgical implant to date.  If you or a loved one has a failed hip replacement call the Depuy Hip replacement Helpline Kansas  today.